Mappendix Limited

Our Privacy Policy

Summary: We don't record any personally-identifying information (unless you email us).

Our business model is simply to sell apps for money. Unlike some "free to use" map apps we do not profit from users by recording your activity and selling that information to advertisers and other third parties. None of our apps require you to create an account with us or to supply an email address or similar information.

We receive limited information about the users of our apps from Apple, directly from the apps when they connect to our servers, and from your web browser when you view our websites. This is described in detail below. None of this information personally identifies you to us.

We use this limited information for the administration of the business, to monitor the operation of our servers, to detect and resolve problems and improve the operation of the apps, to understand how our apps are used in aggregate, and for similar legitimate business purposes. We may also share this information with law enforcement and similar bodies, and we may disseminate highly-aggregated data (such as lists of most popular maps) more widely.

In common with other app developers we receive the following information from Apple:

We receive certain other information directly:

* Your internet service provider, and government agencies, could personally identify you from your IP address. We, however, do not have access to that data, so we do not consider IP addresses to be personally identifying; typically from an IP address we can identify only your internet service provider or other entity (employer, university etc.) providing your network connection.

Note that your map downloads may not be encrypted. This means that which maps your have downloaded could be observed by anyone able to spy on the network between you and our servers; this primarily means internet service providers and government agencies, but also providers of any WiFi networks that you use, e.g. hotels and cafes.

Within the apps:

We reserve the right to record additional non-personally-identifying information for the purposes of fraud detection and prevention.

If you contact us by email, we record those emails and our replies. We retain these communications indefinitely. Your email address is personally identifying; this is the only time that we normally record personally-identifying information about our users.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of this.

Update History

February 2022: Updated to include "Device type (iPhone/iPad or Mac)" in the list of information that our servers record when maps are downloaded.